2019 Success Stories


Innova Solutions Taiwan, is one of the worldwide subsidiaries of Innova Solutions Inc., US. The Taipei Development Center (TDC) is built as a premier software R&D center for Change Healthcare, one of the largest healthcare IT companies in the US. There are a number of critical reasons why Innova Solutions chose Taipei to set up a R&D center.

The most important reason is the rich talent pool in Taipei. Taiwan is a beacon of freedom in Asia that warmly welcomes people and integrates cultures from across the world. Taiwan also has one of the world's most highly educated labor forces among OECD countries. Robert Liu, the General Manager of Innova Solutions Taiwan, mentioned that Taipei has sufficient diversity to attract talents from all over the world, and their colleagues here could communicate in English easily. Besides, there are many education resources for foreign expats to learn Chinese in Taipei. Currently, Innova Solutions Taiwan has recruited over 200 employees within 3 years, representing more than 10 countries. As Robert said, “We started 3 years ago from zero employee to 200 employees. This is not an easy achievement. It’s due to the fact that we are in a resource rich environment to attract talents from all over the world.”

Another important reason, which is often taken for granted, is the sound infrastructure. Taipei has comprehensive transportation and communications infrastructure. In terms of transportation, Taipei is Taiwan's largest transport hub with three forms of railway (trains, HSR, and the Metro). Robert noted that all of their visitors from the US marvel at the efficiency of transportation and the quality of life they are able to enjoy in Taipei, which exceeded their expectations. They really enjoy visiting Taiwan. With regards to Taipei's Internet infrastructure, the city has the country's first "seamless network." Fiber optic coverage has already reached 80%, with free Wi-Fi services for residents in many public areas. The accessibility of high-speed internet enables Innova’s software engineers to work alongside the medical giant's (Change Healthcare) 7,000+ engineering team on a variety of technical domains.

Other reason which Robert stated for example was the variety of international cuisines their colleagues could find in Taipei. In fact, compare with other cities in the world, the cost of living and the convenience in Taipei is very competitive. In addition, the time zone in Taiwan is also an advantage when their colleagues work primary with teams in the US. “It is important to have some hours of overlap when we work together. Software development need close collaboration, sometimes we need to communicate in real time,” Robert said.

Before Innova came to Taiwan, they did not know the labor law and regulation requirements in Taipei. Robert stated that Innova Solutions could feel the support from the Taipei City Government, “We have received a lot of information help from the Invest Taipei Office (ITO), that is already sufficient, we are able to grow with all the information and resources provided to us.” Robert also pointed out that Taipei has excellent regulations related to office safety such as the fire code. These requirements are important in their industry. The completeness of law and regulations in Taipei are also one of the key reasons why Innova Solutions choose Taipei.